Have you ever imagined how Foie Gras (pronounced as Fwah Grah) is produced? Don’t ever mistaken with Bak Kwa in Chinese which is also labeled as barbecued pork or pork jerky which is a salty-sweet dried pork in slices form.

So here it goes to show how you can eat larger than normal delicacy goose or duck liver. Birds are fatten by force feeding corn mash using a tube down their throats into the esophagus. The feeding begins 1 to 2 weeks before slaughter and the outcome is the liver will be several times bigger than its normal size.

However, this is not how the birds are slaughtered. Some of them are already dead through suffocating ruptured throats or bacterial infections and have to suffer the process of severe pain, diarrhea, difficulty walking, vomits and others unknown symptom. So only those survive will be slaughtered for their livers to serve as delicacies.

So now you can enjoy the delicacy. After the liver is removed, it can be fixed whole, made into a mousse, a parfait or even a pate, and is usually combined with some other “comestible, such as toast or steak”.

Not to forget, Foie gras [FWAH GRAH] which means “fatty liver”, is a French delicacy which is created by a technique called “gavage” but it also demonstrates how cruelty these birds were slaughtered in the process before you start your next delicacy gourmet.