In Wimbledon, it’s not the little red shoes that send you places. It’s not the swan-white mini-skirt that garner you attention. It’s the little red knickers that peep out from under Tatiana Golovin’s skirt. The underwear worn by the 17th-seeded player has a sexy red trim. The flash of red, the passionate colour of strength and confidence, was enough to generate excitement among the reporters and a barrage of questions.
Tatiana claimed that her outfit passed Wimbledon’s strict all-white rules and the questions were unwarranted and outrageous. She declared defiantly: “I’m happy with my red knickers.” Women’s tennis is so competitive that beautiful looks and a unique fashion sense can win you many fans and big endorsement deals. Female tennis players do not only have to be sharp in their game but also appealing in their dressing, appearance and sexuality.