paris_hilton2_180.jpg On one hand, ‘The heiress meets his highness: Paris Hilton speaks to Larry King first’ is proclaimed by CNN in advertisements in newspapers. On the other, US Weekly editors refuse to publish news of the socialite in a bout of Paris fatigue. Paris Hilton is again the butt of publicity and fodder for the media’s grinding machine, either by being in or out of the news.

The spoilt brat and spendthrift heiress who was hauled crying into jail had served time. The public couldn’t wait to get a slice of Hilton in prison clothes, eating prison food, and living in a prison cell. She was the epitome of celebrity superficiality and bitchiness brought to heel. Yet what could she have learnt in the short time she served? Many celebrities had been thrown into jail but emerged only more prosperous and bitchy.

In a reversal of tactics, US Weekly and the Associated Press decided to ignore Hilton in a bid to garner higher sales and publicity. Instead of portraying her as sexy, beautiful, and glamorous, or even spoilt, immature, bitchy and egotistical, they obliterated her from the picture and created a new trend. Paris Hilton is passé. It became fashionable not to be fanatical about Hilton who is after all an idle socialite who has no real beauty or talent.

Will the heiress throw a tantrum in public? What will she do to regain the public adulation and continuous limelight? Hilton lives in a bubble buoyed by the wave of public opinion. Her job is to oil the wheels of the media industry – a thankless job with no pay, no holiday and no security. She works harder than anyone else, for an heiress.