Shrek, the movie was first release in 2001. It was the first film to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, a category introduced in 2001. Then, Shrek 2 the sequel after Shrek was then released in 2004 and Shrek 3 was released early this month.

Shrek has became popular among childen and adults and thus giving opportunities to some companies to tag on the popularity. A few food company has added Shrek’s image to their own products. Here are some examples:

Shrek Snickers
There is the green layer in the snicker bar.

Arnott Shrek Royal Marshmallow biscuit
You have green marshmallow on it.

McDonalds Shrek Pasta Meal
It has 10 pieces of green pasta, filled with the 3 natural cheeses and roasted vegetables. All served in a promotional clam with Ripper Grippers™ to help make dipping more fun for kids.

McDonalds HappyMeal
Comes with free toy.