cc1aDoes this bring back your childhood memories sucking at the cigs? Or is it another advertising promo from tobacco marketing tactics to try to diversify? The puffing at the edible candy cigarette is getting into the hand of the children and their ever curious imitative behavior will one day end up like a real adult smoker.

These make-believe cigarettes are made of candy or gum and packaged to look like real cigarettes commonly found next to bubble gum kiosk.

Recent study at focus groups between 4 to 11 years old showed their naive addiction by toying with candy cigarettes as well as gum could desensitizes children to the real danger of smoking.

“It may be considered illicit and mature by some children but playing with these edible cigarette as a toys cannot be considered as a benign parody of cigarette smoking”.

pc1aWhether it would be socially and culturally accepted activities is very much depend on parents, who can choose whether to allow their children to learn through imitation by smoking candy cigarette, and if they choose so, may actually is responding to tobacco marketing and advertising long before their children are of smoking age.

This tells us that candy cigarette is no longer an ordinary candy for it would pose danger to growing up children. Not only that, it also clearly ramifies the intention of tobacco firms and interest in marketing to children. However, study said that the act of smoking by sucking and eating at candy cigarette could turn children to become smokers one day. But it is encouraging higher percentage of children to smoke and so freedom to act comes at a price.