A 2-year-old baby had the misfortune of being served margarita though his mother had ordered apple juice for him in a restaurant. The baby took a sip from his sippy cup and started grimacing and making funny faces. He then pushed away the cup. The mother took a sniff of the drink and immediately knew it was tequila and Triple Sec.

The baby was later sick and had to be admitted to the hospital for vomiting. The mother claimed she was never going back to the restaurant. The restaurant owner was most apologetic and explained that the apple juice and margarita were kept in identical containers and the mistake was most regretted. After all, serving margarita instead of apple juice to customers was not very profitable for the restaurant. There is such a thing as an honest but terrible mistake, for the baby could have been seriously ill or suffer from liver damage. Margarita and babies just aren’t cool together.