Have you heard of legendary shoes? American shoe manufacturer, Converse, has long been known as “America’s Original Sports Company” for its line of exclusive and awe-inspiring shoes. The quality and reputation of the shoes speak for themselves: the Chuck Taylor ® All Star ® shoe, the Jack Purcell ® shoe, and the One Star ® shoe. The Chuck Taylor All Star shoe gained iconic status in five decades of professional basketball. There was nothing like the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe.
Converse has recently released a new line of trendy and stylish special edition shoe wear for the young generation. It combines its high quality and elite shoes with the beautiful Sailor Jerry skin ink art or tattoo. The result is both sexy and cool. This special edition footwear features authentic bold Sailor Jerry designs and elegant Chuck Taylor quality.

Rocked Tattoo Chuck Taylors
‘Death or Glory’ boldly proclaimed on the sides, these extremely limited and highly customised leather shoes have tattoo stitched wraps around the back and colour tattoo pin-ups on the soles. A marvellous beauty and a masterpiece, they evoke the envy of any onlookers.

Poison Tattoo Chuck Taylors
The sexy gal in red with long legs, exposed skin and blonde hair tattooed to the sides of the shoes makes a bold fashion statement. The wearer must have a personality to match. The shoes are chic, urbane, stylish and gorgeous.

Skull Heart Tattoo Chuck Taylors
These high-top canvas and rubber sneakers are a godsend for punk rock, a night out with the boys and wild parties. Who can miss the danger and attraction signals they send out?

Snake Flower Tattoo Low Top
The shoes are simple, timeless and yet gloriously authentic and original. The snake, dagger, and flower etched on white canvas are the essence of style.

These shoes testify to Chuck Taylor’s image and Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins’s art. For more information, visit Converse.