kinglarry.jpg The notorious socialite and sexy heiress is set for her prison release. Her managers have arranged for her to appear on Larry King’s show, CNN Larry King Live. When Paris meets Larry, will sparks fly? Will tears roll? The world waits agog with the latest news of the poor little rich girls’ experience in jail. Her dramatic wailing for her mummy when recaptured for a reckless driving offence justified the world’s contempt and ridicule. But it also fuelled their curiosity to learn more about this woman-girl who seems to live in a fantasy world despite having everything money can buy. Her exclusive story and bare-all with the shrewd and enigmatic King is sure to hook viewers to their TV sets.

With time off for good behaviour and the reality of crowded jail conditions, Hilton only served 23 days in prison. Her appearance in Larry’s live show is sure to reveal some juicy and scandalous bits for Hilton is not known for her tact or intelligence.
The show will generate sky-high ratings for Paris Hilton is great news even when she has nothing significant to say or contribute. More often than not, she will create more news inadvertently through her revelations. She is the symbol of vanity, extravagance and ignorance of Hollywood celebrities and we want to watch her make a fool of herself even as we admire her wealth, fame and beauty. This is the sad role of Paris Hilton, the heiress to Hilton’s billions.