The Spice Girls were the British famous all female pop group in the 90s. The girls where Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel Chisholm, Mel Brown and Victoria Beckham. Some of their famous songs were “Wannabe”, “Who do you think you are”, “Spice Up Your Life”, “Too Much”, “Viva Forever” and lots more.

In 1998, Geri Halliwell departed from the group and then end of 2000, the group splited and went apart for their solo careers. Now each have their own life with most of them being mother.

They will reunited again this year on a tour around the world, covering across Europe, Far East, Middle East and US. The deal came after years of negotiating. Each of them will receive £10 million for their reunion tour.

Their founder, Simon FUller has strict rules on the reunion. He has allegedly ordered Posh not to get pregnant because the pregnancy might ruin it all.

Spice Girls Viva Forever Music Video