Since the reports of Hacken wife, Emily’s pregnancy, Hacken never officially replied to the reports.

Recently, Hacken was followed by reporters & there is a news reported that Hacken family went for dim sum to celebrate Father’s Day. It was said that they are “Three Generations Together.” Hacken expresses that the magazine is being straightforward, with no exaggerated reporting. This time he did not mind because even celebrities live a normal lifestyle. Reporter asked, “so are you admitting that it is “three generations together?” Hacken says, him and dad, that day my younger sister’s children were there too, so yes, you can say it is “three generations together.”


In addition, it was asked if Hacken will consider moving homes? Hacken feels that he shouldn’t move to avoid the paparazzi, it is impossible, that they are confined at home. He jokingly said that next time they go out, they should wear t-shirts with the new cd cover printed on the shirt, the escort van should be covered with the new cd’s posters, using it as an opportunity for promotion. In the years past, Jacky Cheung was successful in avoiding the paparazzi, only announcing the birth of his youngest daughter after she was born. The reporter suggested that Hacken consult with Jacky to learn the secrets, but Hacken feels that it (was different) a few years ago! Now most cell phones have the ability to take pictures and videos, so it is very hard to avoid. When asked if Hacken is doing all the preparation work to keep the secrecy of his wife giving birth, he says: “I don’t know how to answer you anymore.”