This best Tamil film is comparable with the best Hollywood movies and it is a simple story about a man Sivaji, who comes to India from United States of America as a rich and successful Computer Engineer. He intends to do goodwill for his country to help the poor and needy by setting up free educational and medical institutions in his hometown. However, in his attempts to set up his university and hospital, Sivaji gets caught in traps set by corrupt and money-minded authorities lead by a politician, Aadhi. Accused for bribing, they suck up all his money and leave him to suffer. Sivaji loses the court case. After a chain of events, he lands in jail.



Meanwhile, his parents and uncle have plan for him to get marry and propose many beautiful girls. However, Sivaji wishes to marry an Indian girl who is close to his culture and roots, and with the help of his uncle, Sivaji meets and falls in love with Tamilselvi in a temple, and the story grows here…


Cast :
Rajini Kanth, Shreya, Raguvaran, Suman, Vivek, Manivannan, Vadivukarasi, Salaman Papaiya, Raja, Bose, Venkat