coffee-gold.jpg A Japanese company, Tsukioka Co. Ltd., has come up with a novel way to impress your sweetheart or loved one. Buy that special someone a cup of coffee laced with pure edible gold. The floating gold powder can form ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Anniversary’ messages on the coffee like the top part of a cake. The edible gold is believed to help in rejuvenating the body, making skin more radiant and enhancing natural beauty. In some parts of Asia, gold has been inserted into the body through surgery or magic spells to enhance youth, beauty and even fame. There is an easier though less exotic way to do it now; you can drink to your health, wealth and success.

What a way to sell gifts and increase the value of gold worldwide at the same time. Coffee is a good choice because its colour shows up the gold clearly and more than half the world drinks it. The bitter or sweet taste of coffee also mars any unpleasant feeling of eating metal. Pure edible gold will probably decorate chocolates, red wine, sushi, etc. in the future. But less romantic questions surface. How does the caffeine in coffee react with the metal elements in gold? Will there be any long-term side effects? What does gold taste like? Expensive, for sure.