Logo for “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” ? No, this is a latest artwork by British controversial artist Damien Hirst, a diamond-encrusted skull that entirely covered with 8,601 ethically-sourced small diamonds much in the manner of the Mexican Aztecs, entitled “For The Love Of God” and claimed to be the most expensive piece of contemporary art ever. The Pop star George Michael is considering paying £50 million ($100 million) for the diamond-encrusted skull which involved the 52.40 carat prize stone on its forehead.

A spokesperson for George Michael said: “Michael and Kenny Goss took in a private viewing of the diamond-encrusted skull. They looked at the piece as a possible addition to their collection.” George Michael is a long-time fan and collector of Hirst’s work and already has a private art collection thought to be worth £100 million ($200 million) including Saint Sebastian and Exquisite Pain. The couple also plans to launch the Goss-Michael Foundation, a non-profit organization for promoting young artists. It’s a wonderful artwork, right?