phdj1aEven Diana, Princess of Wales has to take the backseat as there isn’t any front page which hasn’t splashed the disgraced Hilton Hotel Heiress, saying she will dump her dumb blond act.

Paris Hilton talked about her regime about being let loose and to be turned in again. Going through from being drunk behind the wheel to ban from driving and now spoken behind the jail.

“I used to act dumb. That act is no longer cute. Now, I would like to make a difference. God has given me this new chance.”

Those conversation was when the ABC presenter, Walters interviewing Paris’s mum Kathy Hilton by phone while Paris who was on the other line sought the opportunity to speak to the presenter.

“I was not eating or sleeping. I was severely depressed and felt as if I was in a cage. It was a truly horrible experience.”

Could it be her another twist to seek her chance by means of public media to the court for her earlier release? Imagine, the strife and trauma must has had enough on her family members and can’t believe she would try even the slightest silly thing to do.