Upscale restaurant are abandoning bottled water in favour of tap water over environmental conservation. An overriding concern to disapprove the energy expended from shipping bottled water to recycle as far as from france or italy.
The decision comes about pioneering eat local, eat fresh concept. Do away H2O package in the name of environmental conservation as it doesn’t make sense to use all the energy and resources to bottle water in France or Italy and truck it to other part of the world to deal with recycling thereafter.

Another wake up call? Sound familiar and so to bottled water from france named Evian. But spelled backward reveals naïve. So stop pulling ourselves and no even bottle carbonated water. This matters not only environmental but also price for dinning ‘sky water’ can be sky high. Privatise local resources can be one and not to forget, let’s start the environmental campaign to not only think local, act local but also eat local and eat fresh!