3780914.jpgPosh Spice may be glamorous from top to bottom but definitely not where her feet are concerned. Her long love affair with stilettos has caused unsightly calluses and bulging veins to appear on her feet. Ugly bunions have also been seen growing at right angles to her toes. Stilettos may make her legs appear long, beautiful and sexy but they certainly don’t help her feet. Well, this is OK if David Beckham doesn’t have a foot fetish or like to lick Victoria’s feet.

Worse, uncomfortable shoes and ill-fitting footwear worn over a period of time not only damage the feet but also the hip bones and body structure. Posh Spice who has delivered babies might take heed of the harm her fashion and beauty sense is doing to her posture and health over time. It is easy to look glamorous and sexy when young but it is more challenging to age gracefully and beautifully. So, give your feet a break by wearing sensible shoes once in a while.