Britain is a very generous country when it comes to child benefits. This includes bogus claims for children who don’t exist. The Wilshaws have registered 16 children for benefit claims since 2003. They are: Gareth Wilshaw, Simon Wilshaw, Sandra Wilshaw, Brian Wilshaw, Jason Wilshaw, Rebecca Stevenson, Phillip Stevenson, Edith Stevenson, Terry Stevenson, Barbara Stevenson, Amanda Phillips, Jessica Phillips, Miranda Evans, Jemma Williams, Danny Evans, and Amber Mitchell. But these children are phantoms; they don’t exist.
The Wilshaws were unemployed. The couple received more than £125,000 in payment to finance their gambling and drinking habits. They had thought up the scheme when registering claims for their two real children. They saw how easy it was to dupe the government when they were not asked to show any identification proof or birth certificate to authenticate their claims. While the welfare system in Britain may be a blessing to people who really need help, it is also a boon to conmen and fraudsters. The unremorseful Wilshaw claimed that he may have done the public a great service by revealing the weaknesses of the system. And he may be right! But only if something is done to correct the loopholes in the welfare system.