bilde.jpgLike a scene from Speed or the Matrix, a man got the ride of his life when he got hooked to a semi-trailer and was pushed down a highway for several kilometres at 80 mph. But he is not Keanu Reeves. Besides he has muscular dystrophy and is wheelchair-bound. Ben Carpenter thought he would die when his wheelchair handles got lodged on the grilles of the semi-trailer when he was crossing an intersection. His father watched with horror as his son disappeared from view and the wild terrifying nightmare began.

The driver of the trailer was unaware of what was happening. Motorists called police on their cellphones and undercover police officers who happened to be at the scene pulled the trailer over. Carpenter survived the ordeal unharmed. He was secured by the seat belt on his wheel chair. Truth is stranger than fiction. This is one exciting ride the 21-year-old young man will never forget.