fish.jpgFish are changing sex mid-stream from male to female. This is a natural phenomenon in the sexual evolution of species for some animals change sex to adapt to the environment or to increase their chances of mating and survival. But the shockingly high number of fish changing sex in rivers and seas recently is worrying. Researchers from the University of California discovered that two-thirds of male horny head turbot and sole around a sewage outfall in Los Angeles had developed ovarian tissues in their testes. Despite its name, the transsexual turbot is unfortunately not horny any more and will not be aroused by its female counterparts for sex. Other scientists found that 84 percent of the male Chinook salmon had changed sex in a section of the Colombian River in the United States. Are American fishes undergoing an identity crisis? Are they becoming homesexuals? What is the cause of this phenomenon?

The answer lies in chemicals from cosmetics, human waste, pharmaceutical by-products, and pesticides which are causing the mass sex change operation. When fishes ingest the water polluted with these foreign particles and the hormone oestrogen, they become female. When the female population overwhelms the male, the chances of breeding are reduced and the survival of the species itself may be a problem. It takes little imagination to foresee what happens to the human population who drinks the water and partakes of these fishes. We don’t only have more effeminate fishes but also more effeminate men! Is this the reason for the sudden rise in the number of gays and lesbians in recent years?

Other animals in the ecological system are also affected. Studies on several species of frogs in Sweden and the US also revealed that estrogen-like chemicals are turning the males into hermaphrodites or female. Research carried out by scientists in the University of London showed that oysters are becoming hermaphrodites, too. Can these oysters still work as aphrodisiacs when consumed? Or most likely they will make the penis limp and wilted. From fish to amphibians and mammals, the feminisation process is spreading fast. Male fishes will be a luxury food item before long.

The next time you dig into your fish, consider what it is doing to your body. You may be eating your way to a slow and gradual sex change.