He was a millionaire with a distinguished job as director of a Swiss-based insurance company. He had dashing good looks and a sexy charm. He had a luxury flat and a beautiful family. On Sunday, he beat his daughter into a coma and death. The last fact does not fit very well into the picture of a successful, urbane and well-respected man of the community.
Alberto Izaga beat his two-year-old toddler to a pulp despite attempts from his wife to stop him. Neighbours heard the screams of the little girl and called the police. The wife lies distraught and unable to talk about the incident. He was believed to hear voices in his head and is now placed on suicide watch in a psychiatric unit. The horror of his actions, when it dawned on him, must be overwhelming.

The pressure of life and work was too much to bear and the most helpless and innocent member of the family became the victim. What is the price we pay for wealth, success, and status? A rich, doting father kills his two-year-old in front of his wife. All three are pitiable victims. The pressure of life is escalating like global warming. And it strikes people from impoverished or filthy rich families, in destitute as well as cosmopolitan cities.