Italians are well-known for their sexual vibrancy and attraction. What makes the Italian man or woman so hot and sexy? Well, in a recent poll held in this Latino country, the secret lies in salami and stinking cheese. Move aside, romantic champagne and roses, or even oysters. A quarter of Italian women who enjoy healthy sex claim that salami is their favourite aphrodisiac while 21 percent choose cheese. Another proven Italian stimulant for sexual satisfcation is the traditional risotto ala Milanese and steamed vegetables.
The benefits of the Mediterranean diet on libido are well-known and acknowledged across the globe. Experts also claim that Nduja, a hot salami from Calabria, will increase blood flow and thus stimulate the libido. The chilli in the sausages is like natural Viagra. The next time your partner or lover suggests going Italian, you know what’s probably in his/her mind. It’s sex and ecstasy in bed. An Italian affair is always hot, spicy, steamy and sizzling, just like its food. Unlike the romantic French or the cool British, an Italian affair will leave you hot and flushed and panting for more.