ad.jpgA man held his wedding and honeymoon with his beautiful fiancée in Greece. He flew from Atlanta to Paris, Paris to Athens, Athens to Thira Island, Mykonos Island to Athens, and Athens to Rome. The only problem was he had TB or a dangerous strain of tuberculosis and might have infected his fellow flight travellers. And the warning was not given out by US health officials who had treated the patient before he left for his transcontinental wedding. The excuse given for the delay was the inability to pinpoint his exact location. The man, Andrew Speaker, apologised for flying back to North America from Rome after being advised not to take any other long-distance flight because he wanted to get medical treatment at home and feared he wouldn’t survive otherwise. Obviously, the safety and health of other passengers were not on his list of priorities. However, he claimed that he had been told he was not contagious or a danger to others.

Speaker and the US can look forward to a long list of legal suits filed against them in court by people who are infected with TB. The careless oversight of a government agency and the selfishness or ignorance of an American individual have put thousands at risk of the dangerous disease. While Speaker and his wife may not forget their romantic wedding and honeymoon in Greece, the victims who are infected by him may not forget him ever. And they will likely curse the ‘wedding of the year’ that puts their life in danger.