clinton-lewinsky.jpgWant to earn some easy bucks? Got any grouse to air or revenge to exact on someone prominent in society? Do you know of any illicit sexual relationship or encounter with a congressperson, senator or famous office-bearer? The more sexually explicit and the higher the position of the office-bearer, the better. Any disclosure that is accompanied by evidence or proof will be rewarded with US$1 million by Hustler. Photographs or videos of government or opposition officials in compromising positions, in sexy poses, or with exposed body parts will become the property of the magazine. This will surely generate some exciting and interesting results. Furthermore, this will keep public figures on their toes and ensure a more responsible and accountable team of politicians.

Any office-bearer who falls victim to the seduction of high-class prostitutes or sexy strangers may be trapped into losing their career and reputation. We live in a wonderful world where if money could buy silence, it could also buy talk and scandal.