paris_hilton180.jpgThe Paris Hilton martyrdom has begun. She is paving the ground for her forthcoming bestseller about her experience in jail, a movie to follow that and possibly an auction of her jail memorabilia. She will possibly have covered everything except real remorse and repentance for her drink driving on a suspended license offence. Right on cue and probably written by her manager, the 26-year-old hotel heiress mouthed the script: “This is an important point in my life and I need to take responsibility for my actions. Although I am scared, I am ready to begin my jail sentence.”

What is so scary about being in jail for a mere 23 days when you get widespread media coverage and you know the media is going to embrace you when you step out? Paris Hilton is denied even the feeling of loneliness all prison inmates and the child who is made to stand in a corner feel. There is no danger of being beaten up or forced to have homosexual sex by the other prisoners for she will be isolated in a special celebrity cell. Paris Hilton is the most pitiful woman in the world. Despite her substantial inheritance, glamorous clothes and sexy body, she has no chance to She cannot even serve a normal jail sentence and thus can never grow.