tb1aBrew Tea in a pot is much healthier than drinking teabag in a cup according to experts.

Studied have shown that the polyphenols, antioxidant naturally found in tea plant can help protect against cancer and heart disease.

Now scientists in Aberdeen Scotland have shown that maximum amount of antioxidants can be benefited only from brewing the tea for a minimum of 5 minutes. And by adding milk to a cuppa of tea doesn’t help to its fighting cancer properties.

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According to BBC news, volunteers who drank tea brewed for 5 minutes had the effect of blood antioxidant levels which were 60% higher than those who consumed hot tea by dipping a tea bag for 1 minute or less in the morning rush hours of tea bag drinking routine.

Approximately, the level of antioxidants rose to 45% in the volunteer’s bloodstream within an hour of drinking the five minute immersion. Brewing longer than 5 minutes which is the optimum time yield no extra health benefits and adding milk doesn’t influence the findings.

Brewing Tea, Chinese way

So, why not try for a minimum of 5 minutes immersion in your morning tea bag drinking to extract the maximum antioxidants health benefits.