IPhone is more than an ipod and is a revolutionary multimedia player, camera mobilephone, internet services and of incredible touchscreen input.

IPhone has finally emerged by transforming from full arrays of portable media player, central clicks wheel control to revolutionary:
a) mobile phone ;
b) widescreen Ipod touch screen controls with virtually keyboards and buttons;
c) breakthrough internet communications;
d) internet email, webbrowing, voicemail;
e) quadband GSM; etc

More exciting of the three titled ‘Never Been an iPod,’ ‘How To’ and ‘Calamari’ can be viewed by clicking here. Coming up is the video clip of latest invention iPhone review and commercial hilarious ads that illustrate how it can be used as baby vision or prenatal ultra sound, showering device and the list goes on….

iPhone as BabyVision UltraSound

iPhone as a Showering Device

What you may not expect it will include more than just amazing touch screen, google’s G map, Gcal apps google calender, Gmail and more, with its pioneering user friendly interfaces and softwares which allow you to create everything at your fingertips.

A Closer Look At The iPhone

Conan – iPhone Commercial