nobra.jpgWhat better way to start your day than to imagine women taking off their bra in a morning show? Ten women who took part in men’s magazine FHM’s Girl Next Door competition were asked to whip off their bras in the shortest time possible in three five-minute segments aired on MediaCorp’s radio station 98.7 FM. However, they were not supposed to expose their breasts or tits in the competition. The show is called No Bra Days with the Muttons and is openly raunchy and lewd. The segments depicting the women taking off their bras were shown on MediaCorp Radio’s website and subsequently circulated on the free and no-holds barred YouTube.

On the positive side, the show is highly suggestive and spurs the staid or boring man to exercise his imagination and fantasy in a creative way. It may also help countless Singaporean men to masturbate and therefore start their work in a happier and more productive state of mind. The gratification in the form of viewing pleasure comes later. Most importantly, it proves that Singapore is not sex-dead; both men and women have a sense of humour as well as sexual ingenuity. On the other hand, the show may cause some traffic accidents in the morning rush hour. The show has been banned and the radio company fined for it exploitative and sexual elements in the show. Otherwise, alternative shows could follow such as whisking off the G-string in the shortest time possible, male or female contestants stripping to sexy and horny music, or men masturbating after viewing pornography. The possibilities are endless.