It spells speed, adventure and style. It has a suggestion of evil and immortality in it compared to the 1999 prototype. Warner Bros. presents the Mach 5 hero car from the movie Speed Racer. The movie car maintains the appearance of the car from the hand-drawn Mach 5, but incorporates a racy full wrap-around windscreen, sleek rearview mirrors and chromed dubs shod in Yokohoma Advans. The car is imagination manifested and a drawing come to life.
Speed Racer is based on a Japanese animated classic series created by Tatsuo Yoshida in the 1960s. It traces the adventures of a young and cool car race driver on and off the racing tracks. It’s fast-paced and action-packed with lots of thrills and spills in exciting scenes. A like-minded partner to the driver’s adventures is the enigmatic and sleek Mach 5 who thunders into action and moves like a bullet. There are two heroes in the movie – the driver and the car.

The new high–octane action machine creates amazing visual effects and cutting edge technology that blasts away the screen and keeps viewers upright on their seats. The Magnificent Mach 5 – a car of the twenty-first century.