Sex Crimes and the Vatican is like chocolate cake and diet pills, or politician and honesty. They are incongruously ironic together. That is why the broadcasting of a BBCTV documentary on sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Italy is creating so much publicity. And the powerful Catholic Church of the Vatican City is raising a cry as its reputation and interests are threatened. While this video clip had actually been seen by millions on the Internet, the media has never taken such a controversial issue to the public in blatant confrontation of the Vatican.
The documentary is aired as part of a debate show called Year Zero and is accompanied by balanced views from Church representatives. It shows witnesses’ account of sexual abuse as children and examines secret Vatican documents about procedures to deal with confessions by victims of clerical abuse. Some people laud this as a revelation of truth and the triumph of free speech. Church officials, however, declare that the Vatican is unfairly put on trial by the media.

Are the dark secrets of the Church finally going to be revealed to the public? Will paedophile crime forever haunt the Church if convicted by public opinion? Will this put a stop or at least decrease the unspeakable sin in the house of God and encourage other victims to speak up and prevent more such sins from being committed in the name of God? Church and sex are more closely linked than we realise and this debate will prove long and explosive.