gay.jpgA gay gang posted invitations and led homosexual men to a private gay orgy through the Internet. When the men turned up, they were fed the date-rape drug GHB and Ecstasy tablets which were secretly mixed in their drinks. They were left helpless and then gang-raped by the seropositive men. They were also injected with the AIDS virus before being allowed to leave.

Twelve victims have come forward to report the crime but it is not known how many more infected men are at large. The reason for the crime: excitement and higher chances of unprotected sex with more HIV-infected gays. The Netherlands, a haven for drug-users and liberal sex, are reeling from the shock. Like the nuclear bomb or fire weapon, free sex and drugs liberalisation can be fatal and a threat to society in the wrong hands. It takes one crazy individual or group to do a lot of harm.