Get Drunk on Teri Hatcher

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American actress and former Superman’s girl, Teri Hatcher, is not one to waste. What does the Desperate Housewife star do when she cannot finish a newly opened bottle of wine? She pours it into her bathwater and has a splashing good time.

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Bianca Bai Gorgeous Taiwanese Model Sexy Photo Gallery

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Bianca Bai Xin Hui (白歆惠), a popular, gorgeous and hot Taiwanese model from CatWalk agency, popular with her skinny figure and attractive face and eyes. Just take a deep breath before you continue to sexy and glamour pictures/images of Bai Xin Hui!

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Goats Climb Tree In Morocco

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Incredible? I can’t imagine and believe it when see this photo but it is indeed true!  The “Super” goats only climb the Argan variety of tree that only found in southern Morocco because they need to eat the Argo nuts to survive!

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This Is A Car You Know

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Have a look on the new Peugeot car. The car model is Peugeot Moovie which designed by André Costa, 23 years from Portugal. The Moovie is an agile and environmentally friendly city car. The car is cute. Sure a lots of people will like it.



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Ella Koon Hong Kong Star Sexy Photo Gallery

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Ella Koon Yun Na (官恩娜), a famous and sexy Hong Kong-based Chinese singer/actress/model who was born on  July 9, 1979 in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Ella has began her career as a model in 2000 and became well-known actress as starred in the TVB’s series in 2005. Hope that you will love this chinese sexy babe too!

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Lohan Lindsay Let-Down

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Beautiful Lohan Lindsay is caught with drugs in her car and likely to be charged with drink driving. Her convertible crashed into a curb in Beverly Hills though she escaped with minor injuries while her two passengers were not hurt. It appeared that she was speeding and intoxicated when the accident occurred.

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Miracle Baby in the Sky

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mothers_.jpgAn Australian doctor delivered a baby in mid-flight with just a basic first aid kit. Furthermore, the baby was delivered feet first in the complicated breech position. The doctor wondered at one point if he had needed to do a caesarean, would he have had to use a plastic knife? How about the umbilical cord? His assistants were the nervous and shocked crew of the LAN Chile team. The doctor was subsequently rewarded with a first class seat and a bottle of vintage champagne after the ordeal.

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