Beautiful Lohan Lindsay is caught with drugs in her car and likely to be charged with drink driving. Her convertible crashed into a curb in Beverly Hills though she escaped with minor injuries while her two passengers were not hurt. It appeared that she was speeding and intoxicated when the accident occurred.
When will these celebrities ever learn? They are not immortal, just like everyone else. Their lives may be glitzy and glamorous on the silver screen but it doesn’t protect them from pain, suffering and death in real life. Broken ribs, scarred faces and twisted bodies are not sexy. More importantly, fame doesn’t give them a license to kill.

Lohan should be known as the stupid girl rather than the troubled actress. She has beauty, wealth and opportunities which she is throwing away to the winds. If drink driving doesn’t kill her, the cocaine found in her car will. The fast life is not much fun when you are hooked up in hospitals half the time and put in rehabilitation centres the rest of the time.