friends.jpgJennifer Anniston who guest starred in Courtney Cox’s sitcom Dirt, stirred up a controversy when the two exchanged a passionate and sexy lesbian kiss on screen at the beginning of the year. Is Anniston turning homosexual after being repeatedly unlucky in love and relationship? She has broken off again with Vince Vaughan for the umpteenth time in their tempestuous and unstable relationship. While ex-husband Brad Pitt seems to have found marital bliss with sexy superstar Angelina Jolie and their growing family, Anniston remains single at 38. She was recently spotted on a day out at the beach with Cox. But Cox’s husband and daughter were conspicuously there, too. Perhaps Anniston just needed the support of a girlfriend and the comfort of platonic friendship.

This girl camaraderie is another new trend in Hollywood. The bad girls of Hollywood – Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears – appeared to have found something in common too. They are all young, sexy, beautiful and famous. Yet they have messed up their lives and are facing jail, rehabilitation or trial. And they sometimes stick up for one another. Drink driving or driving dangerously with your baby in your lap are permissible and normal. This young generation of bad, sexy, and scandalous women are alienated by society and so found acceptance in each other if not in the eyes of the law. And their relationship is beyond sex or physical intimacy for they have enough of that from the endless supply of unfaithful men in their lives. Lesbianism is out; old-fashioned friendship is in.