diana.jpgAlmost ten years after her death, Princess Diana is still not laid to rest. Well, at least, not in her supporters’ hearts. A British television channel sparked a row and angry reaction when it released graphic images of the car crash which killed the Princess of Hearts and her millionaire boyfriend. Channel 4 showed photographs of Princess Diana receiving emergency help and oxygen from a doctor as well as interviews with photographers and witnesses.

It seems that the royal family, Princess Diana’s fans or rival TV stations are reluctant to probe the truth about the accident which happened a decade ago. Truth is not beauty, and beauty not truth, in this case. Princes Diana’s supporters claimed that her sons would be upset and emotionally affected by the documentary. But many viewers would surely like to know the truth about the fatal night when the tragedy occurred.

The sensitivities of the princes may not be the real issue here. After all, many other victims of accidents and disasters have had their stories graphically telecast on TV. What’s the real agenda? The TV channel’s action has stirred a hornet’s nest and the truth may be the real stingers. Perhaps YouTube would like to show us what is forbidden and censored by the royal family for censorship has aroused our curiosity.