Big boobs, layers of flesh, rounded buttocks are the epitome of beauty in Africa. However, the skinny size-zero waif with a flat-chest, a small waist and the malnourished look is the ideal western beauty. This clash of cultures reflects the irony of our society. The west is well-fed and obese and thus idolises skinny and anorexic figures. The stick-like figure is sexy to them. Africa suffers from famine; malnourished faces and bodies are a fact of life, not a choice, for many. Thus, those who are fat with a rounded buxom and hips are admired. The big shapely models will invite wolf calls and whistles in a fashion show. But more and more superskinny models are sashaying down catwalks as Africans become increasingly influenced by western magazines and TV.
Alek Wek (born April 16, 1977) is a Sudanese supermodel who appeared on the catwalks at the age of 18

The Africans were freed from apartheid but their fashion sense and values are still bound and chained by the west. They are led even in their objects of desire; they feel compelled to declare their admiration for the skinny models but secretly prefer girls with big tits and lots of flesh. As for the west, they could even make money and create idols out of the plight and tragedy of Africa’s malnourished.