Cosmetics have long been the domain of women who use colours to enhance their looks. Can men wear make-up? Is it sexy or repulsive for men to put on make-up on their night out? Pete Wentz, of rock band Fall Out Boy, wears eye make-up which truly makes him stand out and appear soulful.
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III loves his eye make-up

If you think about it, make-up works to enhance looks and to conceal blemishes or imperfections. So why shouldn’t men use them? Looks can make or break a person in this beauty-worshipping world. Moreover, the ordinary man also needs to look attractive in his job be it in sales, marketing, consultancy, or management. The right look can get you what you want and help you to go places.

Most men are still too macho and chauvinistic to venture into this exclusive domain of women – fashion. They may have broken through the barrier of keeping long hair, wearing accessories and spotting the occasional floral shirt, but make-up is still unchartered territory except for those in the modelling or entertainment industries. They are afraid to be called vain or to lose their masculine appeal.

But like any fashion rule, if you do it well and it works, it’s great fashion. It’s sexy and cool. The latest make-up trend is to look natural, which is a signal for men to jump in. The girls may just marvel at your attractive appearance without really knowing that your sexy eyes or attractive skin have been cosmetically enhanced.

Well, the masculine personality doesn’t have to go just because you’ve put on make-up. Make-up and manliness can go together if men are man enough to accept it.