Breasts enlargement, skin-tightening, nose jobs, and sex change have all been attempted. Why not tightening of the vulva or labial reduction? This is the ultimate doorway to a woman’s secrets, the gateway to sexual pleasure. Yet when it is loose and flabby through old age or an excess of sexual activity, there is nothing much we can do about it except surgery. And man and woman who enjoy sex will take heed of this part of the body. It needs to be kept muscular and toned up for that sexual climax. It is thus an essential aspect of sexual health. If your tits look good, but your vagina feels otherwise, no sexual partner will be fooled. But the search for that perfect body is endless: women have gone under the knife for large tits, a perfect bum, elastic skin, a narrow waist, and slim thighs. Now, they want a small and tight vagina. What’s next?
Unhappy with the shape, size or proportions of your vagina? If you are a NHS member, you can have cosmetic surgery to have your vulva improved for free. Many Britons, vowed by pictures and photos of the ideal genitalia in pornography websites or videos, women magazines, tabloids, and genitoplasty websites, have rushed to NHS hospitals to get that dream vagina. The side effects of surgery are still not known but everyone is rushing on the free bandwagon. NHS is paying now but these women may be paying later.