Paris Hilton has a natural talent for garnering publicity and drawing attention to herself. In her latest attempt to escape a prison term, she has turned in desperation to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, God, the Bible, and recently, Buddha. Hilton seems to think that the world is as gullible as a baby and will fall for her acts, however lame. Or the whole world is a stage and men and women are merely actors. She has put on this sombre and remorseful look and goes around buying Christian and Buddhist paraphernalia as though they could ward off the evil of prison. She is rather pitiful in her naiveté and ridiculous attempt to save herself.

But the world is not taken in. She will have to be the fastest reader in the universe to have finished reading the Good Book in one night. And she seems to have mixed up her Gods – from Vishnu to Jesus Christ to Buddha. Who can save Paris Hilton? A longer sentence in prison would probably do her more good than all the Bible readings and visits to the Bodhi Tree store. But who would ever have thought that Paris Hilton and Buddha would appear side by side in the same article or column? It shows: the world needs Paris Hilton for novelty and entertainment, especially the tabloids; but Paris Hilton doesn’t need the world. She needs a good, solid prison experience to wake her up from her fantasy world. And after all, Buddha preaches abstinence from fame, wealth, comfort, sex, and desire, all the things which a long prison will wean Paris Hilton of.