Most women prefer to worn the high heels regularly that can bring with them a host of foot problems/injuries. To help those women who take care of their health condition, Lauren Handel and her brother, David have intoduced the Camileon Heels that sporting 3-inch heels that can be folded down to a walking-friendly 11/2 inches low-heeled shoe.

heeldm_468×636.jpgThese beautiful shoes can be changed from low to high heel and back in seconds without removing any parts with CamileonHeels adjustable-height technology. A steel rod inside the stiletto heel which can be pulled out and tucked into a hidden cavity under the arch of the shoe, without even taking them off.

“Our shoes have been developed to provide women with maximal comfort, wear, stability, function and performance. We are certain that our shoes will exceed women’s’ expectations in all of these areas,” says Lauren Handel. The idea came to New Jersey radiologist David Handel in a taxi in 1989 when he watched women walking to work in sneakers, their high heels tucked in their bags. After that, he developed a “adjustable height heels” shoe based on his son’s Transformers toys, toy cars that turn into robots.

The Camileon heel which costs about $300 is definitely a “excellent gift” for women who prefer high heels!

 What do you think of this incredible shoe?