What is the future of the world? We are obsessed with celebrities and fame. More people vote in reality TV shows such as American Idol than in elections. Youngsters know more about celebrity gossip than news around the world. We are more obsessed with beauty and the latest fashion trends than the latest scientific discoveries. Thus, we know about Madonna’s adopted child, Aishwarya Rai’s wedding, Paris Hilton’s jail sentence, and the winner of American Idol in detail; but what do we know about the fighting in Lebanon, the World Bank’s new president and bird flu in Asia. Ask any young man or woman and they’ll be sure to answer all or most of the questions from the former list correctly and profess ignorance in the latter.
We are obsessed with sex in the Internet. Anything to do with sex is sure to excite the hormones and shoot the ratings to an all time high. Any accompanying pictures of sexy girls or boys will sell products. Are we so sex hungry or have we become so shallow that we only seek to please the senses and ignore other levels of accomplishment and satisfaction? The way we eat reflects our vulgarity. We feast on fast food and junk food – soft drinks, chips, burgers, and fried chicken. The more oil, salt and sugar the better. Youngsters eat like they don’t have to pay the price tomorrow. Meanwhile, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke continue to rise and strike increasingly younger victims.

Celebrity, sex, and junk food top the list of obsession in the world today. They reflect the shallow mentality and lack of self control in our society.