Do you agree that wonderful sex is one important part of our life? Emergency light turns on for your sex life? Just wanna share some ways to solve the common sex emergencies with all of you!

First, you might worry about what’s going wrong with you of the problem “I don’t always orgasm during sex”, but i can tell you that just keep yourself relax. If you put pressure on yourself to orgasm, you make it even harder to do so. Besides, try not to be goal-orientated! If you can’t orgasm when you masturbate, what you can expect from your sex partner?

What can you do if you feel your sex life is quite boring? I believe that a lot of people have the same problem on it! Effort is required on both parts to maintain an interest in sex in a long term relationship. Try to find a new location for your sex performance such as toilet, kitchen even in a car for your “fresh feeling”! In addition, you also can find the new oral technique to try something new in bed!

How do I go to suggest new sex technique? Most people are often afraid of suggesting things in bed in case they come across as a freak or hurt their sex partner’s “feeling”. One of the best ways is to say you’ve heard about something through a friend or sex magazine, and ask your partner what he/she thinks about it.

Your sex is over too quickly? Try ribbed condoms or any others designed to heighten the pleasure. Durex has a great condom called Performa, which has an anaesthetic delaying cream in the tip to slow man’s orgasm. Anyway, you must have the healthy thinking for your sex life and not to be goal-oriented!