Phone Sex Operator
Nothing comes close as to a Florida woman sued her employer due to carpal tunnel syndrome which is also known as repetitive motion injury in her both hands resulted from too much masturbating.

A woman in Florida has sued her employers for developing carpal tunnel syndrome – also known as repetitive motion injury – in both hands. Why should this make news? It’s a common occupational hazard for data entry operators and others who spend all day typing on a keyboard. Right, except the lady in question is no data entry operator and she didn’t get her tendons in a twist from too much typing. She got it from too much masturbating according to buzzle news.

The lady is a phone sex operator and her job requires her to masturbate up to 7 times a day. She does it professionally by using one hand on the phone while other over her sensual spot to indulge in foreplay as well as organism.She really know how to get repeated and total customer satisfaction.

After the incident to have a neurosurgeon to operate on her hand, she filed for worker’s compensation to claim weekly benefits of US$267 and also in the pursue to get US$30,000 reimbursement for medical bills.

Probably the employer could get her a battery operated helping hands to be more productive in her work, not only getting more customers but also ensure her both hands are really in good hand too.