Sometimes, to send data, FedEx is faster than normal electronics mean over internet. To the modern world it is often called sneakernet by physically carrying removable media in place of transferring the information over a computer network.

When you need to transfer very large amounts of data over the internet, sooner or later you will hit a limit where it will actually be faster to send that data on disks over regular mail (often called sneakernet). Internet transfer rates are simply not enough for large data sets according to royalpingdom.

Question: What is the fastest way to send 1 Terabyte (1,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 bytes) or 120 terabytes of data, the equivalent of 123,000 iPod shuffles about 30 million songs?
FedEx is still the fastest delivery despite its infamous overnight service. This is because it is ok to send small chunk of data over regular internet speed connection but to send something more than 1 Terabyte which would take the toll of the internet by slowing down due to its slower bandwidth speed.

Example: To send a large chunk of data says one Terabyte of data from A to B with 100 megabit connection and it will be take about 24hours for a theoretical transfer rate of 45 gigabytes in an hour. Any file size larger than this would definitely takes longer to send the data and so the best option so far is FedEx which can even deliver it overnight while you are asleep.

Exactly, this is what Google does. Its hubble space telescope data which would take up 120 Terabytes. Instead of sending over regular internet, Google does it by sending all physical disks etc via regular mail to what they termed is as FedExNet and will ship overnight within 24 hours.

To date, internet is still facing competitive task to come up with much bigger storage space especially for researchers or scientists alike, or else internet is to lose out to FedEx who would rather hope that it would never happen at the moment.