The Chinese are paranoid about the afterworld. They are obsessed with appeasing the souls of loved ones who have passed away by burning paper money, replicas of cars and even hell passports to ease the way of these departed family members. This is bizarre enough but another superstitious belief will leave you gaping with disbelief. The Chinese also hold weddings for the dead and buy corpse brides for their deceased sons. Thus, there is a network of corpse traders who ply their trade in China.

Corpse traders often rob graves to steal these corpses to serve as spouses for the families who want to hold a twilight zone wedding for their departed sons. The ceremony is just like any traditional wedding in China except the bride is a corpse and the groom is dead. Sometimes the dead man has a wife who survives him but the parents think he still needs a companion in the afterworld. How much does a corpse cost? The price ranges from $385 – $510. Corpse trading is a lucrative business for those who don’t mind the rotting stench and the taboo of dealing with dead bodies.

A corpse trader decided to get his supply of corpses from the living world recently. He lured four women with learning difficulties to a remote area before strangling them to death. Then he sold the bodies. He claimed that killing people and selling their bodies was easier than stealing bodies from graves. He told his customers that the victims had succumbed to illness and been abandoned by their families. The corpses were still fresh and easily harvested whenever there was a demand. He was arrested by police when his crime was discovered. Three other corpse traders had also been arrested for a similar crime.

Life and death are separated by a thin line and have always fascinated people of every culture. While the tradition and culture appear bizarre, the evil inherent in the human heart is even more perplexing. Whatever the excuse or circumstances of the crime, the heart of the individual who kills for profit is the most difficult to fathom.