bolocco_.jpg Cecilia Carolina Bolocco Fonck, the wife of Argentine former president Carlos Menem, has became a public topics after a local magazine, SPQ, published pictures of her sunbathing topless with a male friend. Cecilia Bolocco was former Miss Universe. She was chosen Miss Chile to represent Chile in the popular Miss Universe pageant in 1987. She was the first Chilean to win the beauty pageant title.

Cecilia Bolocco was photographed by paparazzi at her Miami home. She was sunbathing topless and accompanying by a man identified as Italian businessman Luciano Marocchino. Both Ceclia and Marocchino have denied to media any romantic relationship.

Bolocco, 41 first met Menem, 76 during an interview at the Casa Rosada presidential house. Both of them married on May 26, 2001 in La Rioja, Argentina and have a son, Máximo Saúl Menem Bolocco, two years later. Bolocco and Menem have lived apart for the past years before the incident. Before Menem, Bolocco married to American TV producer, Michael Young in 1990 at the Palacio Cousiño in Santiago. The relationship ended around the mid-90’s.

Here with the photographs show the former Miss Universe and ex-president’s wife sunbathing topless:

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