Geico commercial – Caveman at the airport in front of the billboard where he was totally peeved at the saying ” So easy Caveman can do it “– Making you always laugh at it.

GEICO(The Government Employees Insurance Company) is an American auto insurance company and is well known for its high pitch caveman ads – ” so easy a caveman can do it” to promote insurance company website.

The famous caveman stereostype offensive acts reaction to the deregatory slogan also derides at present society behaving and living nothing at all like caveman stupidity.

More coming up video clips of the series of ads follows on the scene at the airport , party , news talk show , an upscale restaurant, and a therapist’s office to promote GEICO’s product awareness.

1) Geico commercial – Caveman at the airport

2) Geico Cavemen At A Party

3) Geico Caveman News Talk Show Commercial

4) Geico Cavemen Apology at a Restaurant

5) Geico Caveman At The Therapist

Finally , cavemen need not to get too upset and their ads will be made into sitcom by ABC.So wait for the good news and of course its paradoxically acts once again.

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