Sweet, adorable and angelic, she understandably captivates everyone who sees her. She is blonde and has blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Is Madeleine McCann who has been missing since May 3 2007 still alive? Is she the victim of an illegal child trafficking racket in Portugal? Or is she the captive of a sexual maniac and paedophile?

What were her parents thinking leaving the four-year-old girl and two other siblings (under three years old) sleeping in a room on the ground floor with the window open? But they were dining in a restaurant just opposite the resort and claimed to have checked on the children every half an hour. Was the crime carried out by someone they knew? Or someone in the resort? How could such a fair child and well-known face not be noticed if she were still in Portugal?

Her case had tugged at the heartstrings of many ordinary people as well as celebrities. The British nationalism is back in full swing with many famous names contributing money to the three million reward offered for her safe return. JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, is the latest to pledge a substantial but an undisclosed sum towards the reward. Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson contributed $198,000 while American Idol judge Simon Cowell promised $99,000. But her abductors had not made any ransom claims. And no one seems to have important information to offer the police for such a high-profile case.

‘I’m a scapegoat,’ claimed Robert Murat, the main suspect in the abduction. He was detained and later released due to lack of evidence. Forensic experts and sniffer dogs had earlier been brought in to Murat’s residence to search for evidence related to the case. Nevertheless a check on Murat’s background and profile can easily be done to see if he has a history of paedophile tendencies and if his personality matches that of a child kidnapper or psychopath. His contacts and whereabouts during the abduction can be traced and all the places he’s been thoroughly searched.

Critics have linked Madeleine’s abduction to the case of Ben Needham, the 21-month-old boy who was abducted from the Greek Island of Kos while on holiday in July 1991. He has never been found. He could be dead or have had his hair dyed and appearance changed under the care of new adoptive parents.