chick.jpgThe Chicken Barn, a symbol of egg-laying democracy and the integrity of the ruling clan, is in bad shape. Barely two years after spending the farm’s funds totalling 25 million yabadabadoo for renovations, the works chicken head said “a large amount” is now needed to repair the roof. He claimed, “As a barn architect, I can tell you that the present condition is severe. We must dismantle the whole structure and build it again with waterproofing equipment.” It seems everyone is to be blamed except for themselves.

The works chicken said the public works chicken brood should be blamed for doing a bad job of building the barn. The maintenance chicken brood should also have alerted the barn authorities to the leakage. While the chickens are clucking over the issue, other elderly roosters were preening and showing off their masculinity. They humiliated and belittled the hens for their daily egg-leaking activity, little realising that they hatch from these eggs themselves. The issue of the leaking roof is deemed unimportant and something to be joked about. Because the issue of the barn leak was brought up by the hens, they were put in their proper places. Hey, your job is to fuck and lay eggs; who are you to talk about male issues like roof leaks and misappropriation of funds. Menial talk about your own egg-dropping should embarrass you enough to shut you up. When most of the chickens in the barn raised a furore over the issue and demanded that the roosters apologise to the ruffled hens, other equally arrogant roosters rose to their defence.

Finally, left with no choice, the roosters concerned apologised to all the hens in the barn with a smirk on their beaks and more arrogant clucks. But they quickly deemed the affair close with their insincere apologies. The roosters have no respect for the hens, the barn roof is leaking, and the funds are being spent like there is no tomorrow… will the barn survive these abuses? Will the chicks hatch to see it next week?