Children are speaking at a later age compared to in the past. A recent survey in Britain reveals that many children aged five couldn’t string a proper sentence together. Children learn to speak from their parents and the process is gradual, continuous and intuitive. Parents speak to their children or play with them; children pick up the language as they listen to and respond to their parents. Parents who are too busy working and who send their children to the babysitter or nursery are denying their children the opportunity to interact and learn much needed communication and language skills from them. Parents also spend more time relaxing in front of the computer or TV after a day’s work, and thus, neglect to talk to their children compared to parents in the past.

One way to bring up intelligent children who can master speech and communication skills early is to talk to your children about anything and everything. Encourage them to think, to marvel, to be curious about the world around them and to express themselves as much as possible during their growing years. When they go to school, they can acquire easily the academic skills required of them. There is no need to send toddlers to expensive schools or give them private lessons; verbal and social interaction with parents is the best gift one can give one’s children. Teaching kits to encourage children to talk may be an additional tool to stimulate children in their speech and communicative development but this will not be effective without parents’ support. Parents have to initiate interaction with their kids to get them to be communicatively intelligent and emotionally secure.