How far should a father go to toilet-train his baby son? One man slapped and caned his 11-month-old baby for urinating in his pants. The baby was unconscious for about 45 minutes in which time the panic-stricken father tried to revive the baby by shaking him. The baby died later of injury to the head caused by a sharp object, intense trauma and shaking. Post-mortem showed that the baby also had bruises all over his body. The father pleaded guilty to culpable homicide and asked for a lenient sentence as he regretted his actions and had a wife and five-year-old son to care for.

How far should a parent go to discipline his child? Can the father forgive himself even if the court were to give him a lighter sentence? An innocent and helpless baby died because the father could not control his temper, didn’t know how to care for his son, or simply used his son as an outlet for his anger and frustrations. What has happened to fatherly instincts to nurture and protect the child? What has happened to human instincts not to harm someone who is so weak and vulnerable, what more when that being is our own flesh and blood?